Form a limited company

Successful founding with us

You would like the foundation of your GmbH to be as efficient and unproblematic as possible? This requires that the founding of a GmbH is carried out with the right timing, efficient preparation and sensible design of the founding process. For this purpose, you need a comprehensible explanation of the formation process and its efficient preparation. 

For the preparation of all documents relevant to the formation of a GmbH, they need a clear cost calculation and structured support for the entire formation process. As a law firm for company law, we are at your side with many years of practical experience and professional advice for your GmbH formation. 

Together with you, we will examine what prerequisites need to be created for the establishment of a GmbH. In this way, you benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in the field of GmbH formation and receive valuable tips for your successful formation.

We work together to find solutions tailored to your very personal entrepreneurial situation. Nevertheless, thanks to our expertise with well over 200 successful GmbH foundations in Germany, you will always keep an eye on the costs for national and international companies.

Our services

  • Comprehensible explanation of the founding process
  • Efficient preparation of the GmbH foundation
  • Clear cost calculation
  • Preparation of all relevant articles of association
  • Competent advice also in related fields of law
  • Structured support of the entire GmbH foundation