Form a limited company



If you have decided to establish a limited liability company, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Preparation of a GmbH company agreement
  • Clarification of the company name of the GmbH with the IHK
  • Notarisation of the GmbH – Foundation at the notary
  • Applying for a bank account
  • Registration of the GmbH in the commercial register
  • Registration of the trade
  • Registration of the GmbH with the tax office

If you follow the sequence when founding a GmbH, you will quickly reach the desired goal. To make sure that you do everything right when you set up a GmbH, you should seek advice from an experienced lawyer specialising in company law, so that the provisions in the articles of association suit your company and are not ineffective.

Questions beforehand

Afterwards, it should have a checklist with the necessary steps ready. From the answers to most of the questions, a clear sequence results, which must be observed when founding a GmbH.

  • What should the name of the GmbH be?
    Clarify it before whether a corresponding Internet page is available.
  • What is the purpose of the company?
    Say: what should the GmbH do?
  • Where is the registered office of the company and what should the domestic business address be?
  • Who is to become a shareholder of the GmbH?
    Are these persons resident in Germany?
  • How much should the share capital be?
  • Should the entire share capital be paid up?
  • Who is to be the managing director of the GmbH?
  • How should the shareholders’ meeting be invited?
  • Registered letter or e-mail?
  • Should new partners be added later?
  • Is a participation of investors or employees being considered.